While most were watching what was happening on the field during Opening Day, Frank Pallone was focused on what was going on in some players mouths. The U.S. representative from the House Energy and Commerce Committee would like to ban smokeless tobacco at the ball park.

On Monday, he said "without a complete ban, smokeless tobacco will continue to receive free advertising from America's pastime and use of these products will continue to be seen as an acceptable part of the game by fans both young and old."

As long as tobacco is legal in the country and is not hurting anyone else but the user, it should be an acceptable part of the ballpark atmosphere. I had enough trouble understanding how second hand smoke could be a problem in an open air stadium but smokeless tobacco? I really don’t think anyone is going to be picking up used chew.

As a fan, I’d much rather have my players focused on the game and not thinking about what  can or can't be between his cheek and gum. What do you think?

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