The president of the Hamilton Township Education Association is shown on an undercover video talking about covering up and lying for teachers that may have committed crimes against middle school kids.

It's shocking... or is it. If you've ever gone up against "the machine" in a local town in New Jersey, whether it's the school or the police department, you know it's not a surprise. I'm not saying every person in every sector of public unions is going to lie and cover up, but the majority will. It's a brotherhood. There's a lot at stake. The Magic Money, the prized public pension. I call it magic money, because it turns about four years worth of average salary in contribution into a lifetime flow of cash and benefits that could last you 40 years.

Nobody wants to lose that, so they cover for each other. It happens in every town in New Jersey. It's inevitable. There's so much at stake that you want to protect it for yourself and if someone else needs cover from you, you know they'd do the same for you. It's human nature. It's the fact that it's so lucrative in this state (not all positions, of course) that it breeds this kind of mindset and behavior. If anyone is shocked or surprised by this, you haven't seen it in action. I have and it's like the mafia, only legal. Don't get into a dispute with them if you have anything to lose, because YOU WILL LOSE. Nothing to see here. Just another day in Jersey. Move along obedient taxpaying suckers.

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