Today is Election Day and for those that are looking to cast your votes, here is some quick information for you.

The polls are open from 6 a.m. - 8 p.m.

If you would like to vote but may not know your exact polling location, you can visit the New Jersey state website to find out where your voting location is.Just type in your home address and it will provide you with the polling location.

If you should have a problem finding your polling location or if you have an issue at the polls, visit NJ's voter information page: orcall the State Division of Elections at 609-292-3760.

Below are the two public questions on this year's ballot:

Public Question No. 1 - Bail Reform

Constitutional Amendment to Allow a Court to Order Pretrial Detention of a Person In a Criminal Case.

Public Question No. 2 - Open Spaces

Constitutional Amendment Dedicating State Funds for Open Space, Farmland, and Historic Preservation, and Changing Existing Dedication for Water Programs, Underground Storage Tanks, and Hazardous Site Cleanups.


As Jim always stresses on air, when going to the polls, remember to  "G.R.I.P."  GRIP stands for Get Rid of Incumbent Politicians. The only way to prevent career politicians is to vote in someone new. To view the entire list of incumbents and races, click the button below.

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