My wife Jodi and I had a great time at my podcast co-host Jessica Nutt, now Jessica Gibson's wedding over the weekend.

What a classy event. The food, the company, the Mass, the band and the speeches all made for an unforgettable event. We're thrilled for Jessica, her husband Chase and the entire Nutt and Gibson families!

And of course, once we sat at our table with Jay Black and his wife Kristina, it was a pretty quick decision to record a 'behind-the-scenes" episode of #SpeakingMillennial. Here's Jay Black's quick take...


After 971 weeks of build-up, Jessica got married this past Saturday.

It was a beautiful wedding, filled with original ideas. For one, there was fudge at every person's seat. I assume this was for after dinner, but both Bill and I ate ours while waiting for the salads to be served.

For another, they had a woman doing fashion-designer-style drawings of the ladies during cocktail hour. My wife got one and when we showed it to our seven-year-old daughter, I'm pretty sure her mind exploded with joy.

Photo: Jay Black
Photo: Jay Black

Jessica was a gorgeous bride and Chase a handsome groom and the happiness that percolated throughout the event was palpable. There wasn't a blemish to be had!

...well, except, I guess, for the fact that Bill and I were invited. Despite Bill's on-air protestations that he would *not* use the event to record a podcast, it wasn't long after the fudge was consumed that Bill and his wife, Jodi, Ashley Hall (from Chasing News) and her date, Ryan, and myself and my wife, Kristina, decided to retreat to quiet corner of the wedding and... uh, record a podcast.

It's our most relaxed, enjoyable podcast ever, with a discussion of the wonderful evening and all the fantastic speeches (Father-of-the-Bride and suspected spy, Brian Nutt, gave a moving testimonial to his daughter and the groom, and there were outstanding Best Man and Maid of Honor speeches from Chase's brother and Jessica's sister, respectively). There's also a fun discussion of other weddings we've been to that have had less-than-successful speeches.

And, finally, there's the moment that we'd never thought would happen: Jodi Spadea speaks on the podcast!

If you've ever wondered what it's like to hang out with us when we're not on the show, this is pretty much exactly what it's like, with Bill running the conversation and me being my usual, annoying self.

At the end of the podcast, we decide to track down Jessica and get some words from her. Her response is...

Well, you'll have to download it to find out.

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