New Jersey 101.5 has been around a long time. It started with the Florio years. I believe our Christmas tree did as well. I was in a part of the building used for larger gatherings when I saw our annual Christmas tree being built. Yes, to be fair, it was only partially built. But take a look.

The NJ1015 artificial tree (Joe Votruba photo)

From back when those green needle rings were included to hide the bare spots on the pole, this tree has seen some history. It has served us well, and we appreciate the company helping everyone get in the spirit. But this is the older kind of Christmas tree that gives artificial trees a bad name. In other words, newer models look so much more realistic! Many times you have to really study one before deciding it's artificial. Nothing wrong with old school. It works. But you 'real tree or it's not a real Christmas' folks shouldn't judge all fake trees by the older ones.

The one we have in our home is gorgeous. It has the lights built right in, and you can alternate between steady lights or blinking, between colored or white, and it even comes with a remote control to change them. How gorgeous is it? This gorgeous!

Jeff Deminski photo / Townsquare Media

Did you know most of America goes with an artificial tree? According to CBS News, 27 million real Christmas trees were purchased last year. Sure that's a lot, but 80% of American households put up an artificial tree, and that's a lot more! Over time they're less expensive, they store easily, they don't drop needles all over your home, they are less prone to falling over because they attracted your cat to jump on it, they're not a fire hazard and you're not going to bring home hidden creatures from the woods.

Sure you can keep this argument going forever. Tell me how artificial lacks the pine smell, lacks the ambiance, lacks the traditional charm. Maybe you're even one of those hardcore families that gets your real tree not from a lot but by sawing it down yourself. Just remember, a lot can go wrong with a real tree.

So you tell us Jersey. Which do you prefer? A real Christmas tree? Or a handy, affordable, easy-to-maintain, beautiful artificial Christmas tree? (Not that I'm biased.) Take our poll.

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