More than 100 protestors descended on the home of a Mount Laurel man Monday after he was seen in a viral video using racial slurs.

The video shows 45-year old Edward Cagney Matthews having a heated conversation with a neighbor, using multiple slurs and the n-word as a police officer arrives. [You can watch the video at this link. WARNING: It is not censored for vulgar and profane language.]

Eventually, Matthews storms away, but not before giving his address. If he was inviting protest, he certainly got it.

Many of the protestors were wearing Black Lives Matter shirts and hats and carrying banners. [UPDATE: Protesters could also face charges.

Members of the community say Matthews is known for this kind of behavior. 6ABC reports police confirm they have gotten previous reports about him. One woman claims he has vandalized homes.

Mount Laurel Police posted on Facebook details about the original incident, and asking for anyone else who may have had a run-in with Matthews to contact them.

As protestors chanted outside, video from the scene shows Matthews coming out of his home to try and address them. He was met by police at his front door, and quickly escorted back inside.

Based on the original viral video, police charged Matthews with bias intimidation and harassment. reports he will face additional charges for spitting on the person he was harassing.

As Matthews was led from his home by officers and placed in a police cruiser, some of the protestors threw plastic water bottles and discharged pepper spray and smashed the windows of Matthews' condo.

Speaking to reporters Monday night, Police Chief Steve Riedener said his department will review video footage from the scene to investigate the property damage.

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