Imagine you're a quarterback picked #2 in the NFL draft. You get hurt and watch the backup quarterback come in and light it up for 405 yards, 3 touchdowns, and a 107.9 QB rating.

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Zach Wilson saw it happen Sunday at MetLife Stadium. Mike White replaced Wilson, who was injured in last week's 54-13 loss to the Patriots, and led the New York Jets to a 34-31 upset of the Cincinnati Bengals.

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It could be worse if you're Wilson.

Former Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz, also picked #2 in the NFL draft, was injured during his second year and watched as backup quarterback Nick Foles took the team to the Super Bowl and beat the Patriots in it.

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Wentz never got over it and went on to have one of the worst seasons of his short career before being traded to the Indianapolis Colts, whom the Jets play this Thursday night (November 4). That's when we see if Mike While is for real.

So who is Mike White?

Mike White, out of Western Kentucky, was drafted in the 5th round by the Dallas Cowboys in the 2018 NFL draft. He was waived by Dallas in 2019 and signed to the Jets practice squad. He wasn't meant to be competition for Wilson.

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In fact, after Wilson was injured last week, the team traded a 6th round pick to the Eagles for quarterback Joe Flacco. That's how little the Jets thought of Mike White. They're thinking a lot more of him now that the fans who have had so little to cheer about are chanting his name.

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It's going to be interesting to see what happens if White continues to play this well. Do the Jets stay with him when Wilson's healthy? How will Wilson handle it if he does? Wentz did not handle it well in Philadelphia and Jets GM Joe Douglas, who was with the Eagles from 2016-2019, was there to see it.

Douglas and the Jets need to keep an eye on this situation not only for the team but for both players' sake.

White was never meant to give Wilson competition, just like Jalen Hurts was never meant to give Wentz competition. Now Wentz is regaining his old self in Indianapolis while Hurts is starting for the Eagles.

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Is it way too soon to be writing or even thinking about this? Probably but if you start seeing it everywhere else in the coming weeks, remember where you read it first.

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