I was as shocked as you are when I heard that WAWA was testing pizza in their Pennsylvania stores. They've tried it before. Here's why I think it's a good idea.

First off, If anyone would know how difficult it would be to compete for the coveted pizza buying crowd, in the state pie in the state that makes the best in the country, it would be WAWA. They live here too. They know where the bar is set.


The pie choices will be pepperoni, buffalo chicken, bacon & jalapeño popper vegetable, and cheese. They will be 16 inches in diameter and cost between $14.99 and $17.99. Could they possibly compete with a great Jersey pizza like DeLorenzo's or Manco & Manco who by the way are now available at Phillies games?

Probably not but if you're in Wawa and want pizza while all your friends are going hoagies and burgers which Wawa also now makes, you don't have to go hungry for your craving. Chances are it may not be the best pizza you ever ate, but it certainly won't be the worst. I'm guessing definitely better than the frozen pizzas we also eat in New Jersey.

Keep in mind that Wawa didn't get to that place in your heart by serving bad food. While they don't specialize in doing just one thing right like say chicken, they make their bones by doing everything right, perhaps pizza included.

First burgers, now pizza and tacos, I bet it won't be long before Wawa starts doing chicken too. If they do, I bet it will be pretty good.

What do you think about Wawa serving pizza? Here's what my social media following had to say

Danny Robbins
Wawa was a lifesaver during the pandemic. Anything that they can add would be great!

Brett S. Harrison
They're a good outfit. They wouldn't attempt it if it wasn't going to be good.

TrafficDan Miller
Go back to hoagies only. That's when it was great. They've tried to do too much over the years.

Howard Vogel
If its anything like their gasoline, I can't afford it

Joanne Voorhees
I don't know about pizza, but their black Angus burgers are really good

Heather Zysk
Sure, why not? They had a shredded pork sandwich years ago that was actually good…idk why they nixed that…

Pat McCloskey
Hell, their coffee hasn't been the same since they switched from the glass pots to the pump carafes, They only awesome thing they do now id the waffle Sizzli


Randy Chepigan
Good lord, why not? Why take non-serious things so seriously? Nothing here - hoagies, cheesesteak, pizza - is ordained by a deity. I've always subscribed to the notion that there's no bad pizza, just different levels (even more so than hoagies and cheesesteak). Haven't tried Wawa's yet; maybe it might just surpass carnival pizza, maybe won't quite achieve boardwalk pizza? Maybe nowhere near excellent NY-style pizzeria pizza? Fine, why care? It's a niche; there are many niches in the long-treasured holy realm of pizza.

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