I stumbled across this on YouTube and I find the premise fascinating. On hidden camera, a guy with a briefcase approaches people with dogs in a very friendly manner. He makes small talk, asks what kind of dog, etc. Says how beautiful the dog is, asks if he may pet it. Soon it takes a turn and he asks if they would consider selling their dog. The first offer is often $10,000. When he receives a no, the briefcase is popped open and inside is $100,000 in cash.

Will people accept $100,000 in exchange for their dog? In some cases he even ups it to one million. Watch this video and see how many accept.

I have to be honest with you. I don't have a dog, but I have in the past. And if someone were to come along and offer me that kind of money, money that could help my family tremendously, I would need to consider it. All the cliches about dogs being members of the family would go right out the window. Before you condemn me, consider this. Many people bought their dogs to begin with. You see ads all the time listing puppies for sale. I saw a portable sign outside a shopping plaza just yesterday reading LABRADOR PUPPIES FOR SALE - BEST OF THE BEST with a phone number. So when you could get an unexpected return on your investment fortyfold or more, wouldn't you have to at least think about it? Especially if you could be guaranteed the dog would be cared for in a nice home and nothing sinister would happen to it. You could always get a new dog to give your love to, and you'd have your debts cleared and some college money for your kid on top of it.

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