There's a day for everything now. Yesterday was National French Fry Day. In fact our producer Joe Votruba even put up a poll about it. Today is National Nude Day. I read nudists take this day quite seriously. It's a day to celebrate, well, all things nude.

So to help the celebration along, I looked up some info on New Jersey's only nude beach, Gunnison, at Gateway National Recreation Park in Sandy Hook. Because it's managed by the federal government, it is immune from any state or local laws regarding nudity and remains clothing optional. I wondered, has anyone done reviews on our nude beach? Turns out, yes. Here are 8 actual reviews from real people that were posted on

"As I started to walk into the blue mesh path, I noticed a t-shirt for sale on the vending truck at the entrance, reading "NO TAN LINES AT GUNNISON BEACH". I wondered what it meant... I was about 30 yards from the sea shore when it kicked me in the head. A Nudist Beach!. In New Jersey??? I had been to many NB in Europe, but NJ? Well. Let me tell you: One of the best I have been. The culture was clearly defined, with no staring and no picture taking (not even on a cell phone- maybe because there are no pockets to hold it..). Open recommendation for those who enjoy this type of attractions. Just keep an eye on your belongings. The tides come up quite fast on this steep shore, and you may be washed off without warning, extending the experience back to the car... Enjoy!!"

"Nice idea for relaxing day at the beach, but there are too many people there who only want to take pictures of natural sun bathers."

"Most of the beachgoers were middle-aged or older, and men outnumbered women by a wide margin. There were many men who were solo, but there was also a section where they were paired up. I noticed only one person who was clearly in our demographic (under 30) – a woman (with her older boyfriend/husband) who took frequent walks up and down the beach with, or more often without, her male companion. No one bothered her.
I love being nude at the beach, and I’m cool with men looking at me – admiringly or lustfully, ha-ha – but my husband always goes with me when I walk. That works for me because I enjoy showing him off as much as he does me; he’s quite well put together, if you know what I mean."

"I went to this beach for the first time last year and loved it! It was also my first time at a nude beach period so I wasn't sure what to expect but it had a very laid back, come as you are feel to it. Everyone was friendly and just enjoying the beach. Couple things to note, this is a family friendly beach so there were a couple kids here and there. A little strange for me but to each his own. Another note is the walkway does NOT go all the way to the beach so there will come a point where you can't roll anymore and have to carry everything you bring! Unless you have one of those awesome (but expensive) wheeleez beach carts, be prepared for a little work out. I suggest you bring a sun tent & chairs you can carry on your back, a cooler for your food/drinks (alcohol is allowed) and enjoy!"

"Gunnison Beach is a clothing optional paradise and is not too far a drive from NYC. We have been regulars at this beach for 2 years and just can't get enough. We go almost every weekend. Everyone is respectful, although you do see the occasional creep."

"We went here for a third time. Beach is clean but small. It's carry in and carry out. The walk from the parking lot to the beach is grueling in the heat. The people are great and not much riffraff but there are some gawkers which is expected at a nude beach. Just beware that if you go there, it is not illegal for people to take pictures since it is a public place. Just don't be surprised if you see naked pictures of you on the internet."

"If you are into nude recreation your experience here may be much better than mine. The beach itself is nice, though there is some trash here and there and the bathrooms are just OK. Problem is it's a long ride to get to the area and even then a long ride out to this the last beach. Then a bit of a hike from the parking lot. Once there it's fine. Now if you are an enthusiastic nudist these logistical issues will not bother you so I'd go here without hesitation. If not, a beach more convenient to your home will do as well. I enjoy the feeling of being naked outdoors, the wind and the sun on my bare bottom, being free of my top. But I don't enjoy so much that I'd come here to for the experience."

"Gunnison is quite secluded, making it a good spot for nudity. As for the nudity, really, have you been to a nude beach? Most people should have their clothes on at all times. If you are a nudist or want to behold the variety of shapes people come in, Go! Revel, reveal, observe, critique. Otherwise, skip this beach."

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