You would be surprised to know that two of the oldest and most prominent nudist clubs are right here in New Jersey.

Both prominent clubs at their nudist locations are not having special celebrations for Nude Recreation Week, which is July 8 – 14, 2024.

The Sky Farm Nudist Resort in Basking Ridge and The Rock Lodge Club in Stockholm, N.J. are both members of the American Association for Nude Recreation and both clubs always have activities within the confines of the grounds of the club.

There are many things to do and group activities that are available for the nudists to enjoy the grounds and freedom from the restrictions of clothes and body labels.

The reason they do not celebrate with hats, horns and costumes is because they do not wear costumes and enjoy the peace and tranquility on the premises of their club.

Photo via dannikonov
Photo via dannikonov

The Sky Farm Nudist Resort is the oldest nudist resort in the country that has remained in the same location. The resort has been there since 1929.

The Rock Lodge Club has been in operation since 1932. These nudist clubs are perfect for single adults and couples who enjoy the nudist lifestyle. They have overnight accommodations and a swimming pool. They take their privacy very seriously.

The only signage acknowledging the Sky Farm Resort is a small sign on the mailbox outside a closed covered fence. The Rock Lodge has similar very discreet signage that marks the entrance to the resort.

The activities at both resorts are similar. You can play pickleball, volleyball, games, there are yoga lessons, swimming activities, group dinners and entertainment. The activities have been carefully selected and nudist attendees always have the choice to opt out and enjoy the sun.

Photo by James Glas on Unsplash
Photo by James Glas on Unsplash

While I personally have never been to these resorts, I am not a nudist, I can see the appeal in enjoying what they have to offer.

If clubs are not your thing, you can always check out the nude beach at Gunnison Beach in Gateway National Park, at Sandy Hook and hang out at the beach.

Take it easy this summer and feel the breeze, check out our nudist clubs here in New Jersey.

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