Captain Robert Pisani of the North Hudson Fire Department is my oldest and dearest friend. We go back to age four. For all we've done together, we might as well be brothers. Having said that, my brother needs a kidney, just like my cousin Rich Trevelise does. So when I talked about St. Barnabas 23 link kidney donation chain, I had to include him in the conversation which you can see above.

"Robbo" is the kind of person who will drop whatever he's doing to help a friend in need. I've seen him do it countless times for myself and others. He is reaching out to his firefighting brothers in a letter which he is allowing me to share with you.

"Fellow Brothers in Blue,
My name is Robert Pisani. I am a 23-year veteran, presently a Captain of the North Hudson Regional Fire Department. (My region covers most of Hudson County, New Jersey.) Over a year ago, at age 58, I was diagnosed with End-Stage Kidney Disease, and am presently on peritoneal dialysis. As a result, I am in need of a kidney transplant.

Circumstances have led me to ask if you may be willing to make a kidney donation to me, and in the process, change mine and my family’s lives for the better.
Having peritoneal dialysis every night has been a life-changing event for my family and me. I admit it is not a very comfortable experience, and earlier this year I was hospitalized for a week when my condition worsened. Thankfully, I recovered.

I have unsuccessfully pursued several options for a kidney transplant. My brother, Sergeant Andrew (Chick) Pisani, was tested and it was determined he was an exact match for a donation, but doctors ultimately determined he was ineligible because of his own health issues. Specifically, doctors found a hereditary feature within my family that would make them ineligible for being donors.

For this reason, I am reaching out to anyone who could offer me the opportunity to become well again, and reclaim the things I miss so much in my life. Spending time in the firehouse, and being in the field with my fellow firefighters, are true passions in my life that I am currently not able to enjoy. I also miss being with my family in full health and spirit that I have always valued. I am aware that donating a kidney is a hard decision for someone to make, offering up their kidney to someone they may not even know.

Please know that asking for a kidney is very difficult for me to bring myself to do.
I am currently registered for a kidney donation at two hospitals: St. Barnabas in NJ and Columbia Presbyterian in NY. Presently, both hospitals report a waiting period of approximately four to six years for a replacement kidney, which is why your current donation would be so valued and appreciated.

If you are willing to donate your kidney, you must have either Blood Type A or O, and be healthy, WITHOUT the following conditions:
History of Kidney Stones
If you DO NOT have any of these conditions, you may be eligible to donate a kidney.
Columbia Presbyterian Hospital Transplant Center is my first choice of hospitals.

If you are willing to be a kidney donor, you can call Columbia Presbyterian at 212-000-0000 or St. Barnabas at 973-000-0000. It is very important that you advise the kidney transplant coordinator that you are donating your kidney to me, “Robert Pisani.”

All expenses to the donor (you) are completely covered by MY insurance. You will not have to put out any money for any hospital or medical bills.
I thank you for your consideration.
Robert Pisani"

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