Enough already.

Illegals have plenty of political hacks covering for them: Senator Steve Sweeney, Governor Murphy and the guy who has abused the office of the Attorney General in order to further a radical political agenda, Gurbir Grewal. Fighting President Trump on everything from tax cuts to border security, going so far as to stop NJ law enforcement from cooperating with the legal enforcement activities of ICE. Millions in tuition assistance and legal aid to sue your government over legal orders of deportation.

Now, these morally bankrupt elite insiders want illegals to have a New Jersey drivers license. Not only is this a slap in the face to all legal residents including our vets, but it is a pathway to voting. Maybe that's what they wanted from the beginning.

Thankfully, not everyone is taking it lying down. Senator Chris Conners from New Jersey's 9th District is leading the charge to fight back for you and so far he's got twenty thousand 'woke' New Jerseyans standing with him.

Agree that government needs to focus on supporting legal citizens? Agree that giving drivers licenses is a path to illegals voting? Then sign the petition and let your voice be heard.

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