Note: This first ran in March of 2016. We are defiantly republishing it after learning of a recent RetailMeNot survey showing Peeps is the favorite Easter candy of only 6% of Americans. Read more on that here.

A few Peeps fun facts.

It used to take 27 hours to make a single Peep until Sam Born acquires the company and automated the process to just six minutes.

Enough Peeps are produced each year to circle the earth twice.

Yellow Peeps are the most popular.

Peeps used to have wings (but haven’t since 1955).

And the award for best Peep art in New Jersey goes to.......

Okay, so there's probably only ONE Peep artist in New Jersey. That would be my father-in-law, John Gurkovich. This gallery is only a small taste of the pop culture magic he has created with the best Easter candy ever...Peeps. Yes, the delicious, marshmallow Peep.

He's taken movies, TV shows, famous works of art, and Peepized them. Much to the chagrin of Bill Doyle, I'm sure. For some reason, Bill doesn't see the glory in carnauba wax eyes and never understood the pleasure even a stale Peep can bring.

Nonetheless the rest of us Peep lovers will enjoy the first ever Peep art gallery. Flip through and find your favorite.

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