The New Jersey Transit Police want you to know that they are there for you ... even if you're a little baby duckling!

Photo via the NJ Transit Police Facebook page
Photo via the NJ Transit Police Facebook page

Just when we need: A story to feel good about in New Jersey. It's the saga of New Jersey transit police working with the Humane Society to rescue five little baby ducklings who fell into a sewer.

Photo via the NJ Transit Police Facebook page
Photo via the NJ Transit Police Facebook page

You can only imagine how bad it must be, trapped in a New Jersey sewer even if you are a duck! Ed Norton wouldn't be caught dead in a New Jersey sewer and he worked in Brooklyn! But these cops took the bull by the horns, or would that be the duckling by their feathered bodies.

"These baby ducks fell into a little trouble yesterday and were trapped deep inside a sewer. NJTPD District 3 officers and the humane society worked together to rescue each one. The officers gently lifted each duckling with a grabber tool. Once in arms reach, they were carefully removed from the sewer by hand. The mother duck was reunited with her ducklings and they were last seen swimming in the Hudson River."

How cool must that have looked?! Like a Disney movie.

The Facebook post also reminds you that, "Remember NJTPD is always ready to help you. Text us 24/7 at 65873 or call us at 973-378-6565. Your need for assistance is never too big, or in this case, too small."

The comments on the Facebook page repeatedly talked about how awesome this was and one person asking if they also rescued cats from trees.

EDIT NJ Transit saving ducks 3

Lori Crockett Benson commented on the post, "This is awesome, do you rescue cats on telephone poles, rooftops and tall trees? They need you!!!!"

You would think she'd be joking but she followed it up with, "I'm serious. For real for real."

Who knows? That could be tomorrow's post.

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