A terrible animal hoarding case was uncovered in Shamong today. One of the worst I've ever seen reported.

Officials described the smell as so overpowering that some people became nauseated and dizzy. The reason? 130 dogs living in “deplorable” conditions and 44 dead dogs found in bags in freezers in the home.

Let that sink in for a little bit. Not 44 dogs total in the home, but 44 dead dogs, with 130 live ones. The report goes on to say that 65 year old Donna Roberts was charged with animal cruelty and was released pending a court date. The New Jersey State Police responded to the home, describing the conditions that the 130 dogs live in as “tragic” and “deplorable and inhumane,” The circumstances under which the 44 dogs died is still under investigation.

What do you think the dog owner's punishment should be?

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