NEWARK — The leader of a Bloods street gang set may never get that chance to kill again — at least not on this side of the prison gate.

City resident Naim “Stackz-Strafford” Jones, 42, was sentenced Friday to life in prison, plus another decade for good measure, after he was convicted for the third time of killing someone.

Jones was considered the "godfather" of the Red Breed Guerillas set and “at the top of the food chain” of the Bloods," Superior Court Judge James W. Donohue said. Jurors, however, did not convict Jones of any gang-related charges.

An Essex County jury convicted him in November of conspiracy to commit murder, illegally possessing a handgun and possessing a handgun for an unlawful purpose in connection to the murder of rival 23-year-old William Porter IV outside a Mulberry Street nightclub in April 2017.

He was previously convicted in a double homicide in 2004 and he was out on parole when he plotted Porter's death.

Prosecutors said Jones and two other Bloods planned the execution-style murder of Porter, who was shot six times in the face and neck.

Hakeem Maloney and Rashan Jackson were convicted in a 2017 gangland murder in Newark. (Essex County Jail)

The same jury also convicted Irvington resident Hakeem “Hakaveli-The Don” Maloney, 38, another high-ranking Blood, of the same offenses. Maloney was sentenced to 70 years in prison and will be eligible for parole after 52 years. Prosecutors had argued for a life sentence.

Maloney had been out on parole for a 2014 conviction for robbery conspiracy. Maloney already had six adult felony convictions and had been arrested 41 times as a juvenile and 32 times as an adult.

Rashan “Numnutz” Jackson, 31, of Irvington, was found guilty of being the triggerman and convicted of conspiracy to commit murder, murder, weapons charges, and charges related to hindering prosecution. Jackson was sentenced to life in prison but will be eligible for parole after nearly 64 years.

Jackson had four previous felony convictions and six juvenile arrests.

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