I'm very patriotic and very much a fan of tradition, but one thing struck me about the 4th of July this week. It sucked! No, not the parades and the flag waving and the ceremonies honoring our nation. It was the timing. Wednesday?! Really?! A big holiday in the middle of the week? It was stupid, frustrating, inconvenient, and wasteful. Think of all of the long weekends that people would have spent at the shore or at any of the other great vacation spots here.

The dinners out and other leisure activities avoided due to the biggest American holiday being on a Wednesday. That means most of us had the equivalent of two Mondays in one week. Horrible! The holiday is officially called Independence Day. For those who feel the date is sacred, that's just because that's what you're used to all of your life. Independence from Great Britain was actually declared on July 2nd and was adopted on the 4th, then read to the public the next day July 5th, but the New York delegation didn't approve of it until the 9th. It was eventually signed nearly a month later on August 2, 1776.

So, if we took the first Friday of July and made it Independence Day, it would make more sense, and we'd all have a long weekend instead of whatever that was this year. We do it with Thanksgiving, Presidents Day, Memorial Day and Labor Day. Why not with Independence Day?! Shut up, you know I'm right!

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