I don't like recreational drugs. I don't like what they do to me and I don't like how their use has ruined some lives. That being said, I also hate how our laws and the so called "war on drugs" has ruined even more lives. Thursday afternoon we were talking about a drug bust involving a respected member of the community and a renowned diving coach from Cherry Hill and her son. They've been accused of dealing drugs.

We thought it would be an interesting topic to ask listeners who they get their drugs from since you can't buy them legally, you gotta get em somewhere. The users and the sellers are generally not the seedy characters you might think they are, especially if you're not involved in that world. There were some interesting stories from normal people who run a greater risk of ruining their lives from the consequences of the drug laws than the drugs themselves.

Then the mayor of Pt. Pleasant Beach called to weigh in on why he wouldn't have a marijuana dispensary in his town, if and when recreational weed becomes legal here. You could attribute the attitude to over-emotional ignorance or a desire to hold on to power, money and control. There are more than a few liquor licenses in that town and I'm sure there is a concern over losing revenue to legal weed. Then there's law enforcement, who might lose revenue or grants should legal weed be sold in their town.

The emotional position blows me away. Saying it would endanger children or get other people high who are nearby is something I thought was tossed out with my old Cheech and Chong records back in the 1970's. But NO, it amazingly still exists! The mayor brought up Colorado, which has benefited greatly from legalization a few years back. Even an article from US News and World Report says as much.  Portugal's decriminalization has been a great success, but some politicians keep saying the same things!

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