SOUTH BRUNSWICK — A gas station accepted a $100 bill clearly marked "motion picture use only," which surprised even the man who passed the bill, police said.

The fake bill was used by Thaimu Kargbo, 20, of Montgomery, at the Exxon station on Route 27 and New Road on Christmas Day, police said. The man used it to buy $15-worth of gas, according to police Detective Bryan Sites.

"It was a busy time. Once the attendant went in an tested it with the pen he realized it was fraudulent," Sites told New Jersey 101.5.

A yellow highlighter used on a counterfeit bill will turn dark, according to Sites.

The owner of the station looked at video surveillance and realized it was the same person who also had filled up on Thanksgiving Day and left without paying.  He turned the video over to police, who arrested Kargbo on Feb. 18.

The bill, with a picture of Ben Franklin on the front, states in small print that "this bill is not legal. It is to be used for motion pictures."

The phrase "In God we trust" and the word "dollars" are also missing.

"You can feel it in the consistency of the paper," Sites said, adding that the hologram is also missing.

Kargbo was charged with theft and fraud. He was released pending a first appearance.

Front of a $100 bill for "motion picture use only"
Front of a $100 bill for "motion picture use only" (South Brunswick Police)

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