TRENTON – Republican gubernatorial nominee Jack Ciattarelli has raised more than $13 million for his general-election campaign, including more than $9.8 million and growing in state matching funds. He has also benefited from nearly $2.9 million in spending by outside Republican groups.

But where have those direct contributions to Ciattarelli come from?

Through Oct. 19, Ciattarelli had received contributions from nearly 2,400 unique donors itemized in his campaign finance reports. He has had more donors than that, as details about contributors who write checks for $300 or less don’t have to publicly disclosed.

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Donors gave an average of $1,760. Details about donors nearly $4.2 million had been disclosed.

The donors include 208 non-individuals – entities such as businesses, political organizations and candidates and political action committees.

They gave an average of nearly $2,000, for a total of $415,250. Most were Jersey-based, accounting for $342,850 in donations, with 18 from out-of-state providing $44,700 in funding.

Here are Ciattarelli’s out-of-state, non-individual donors:

Here are Ciattarelli’s in-state, non-individual donors:

Ciattarelli received $3.76 million in donors from individuals, through Oct. 19. Close to 85% of that came from more than 1,900 New Jersey residents, while around 15% of that money from out-of-state.

Three hundred seven Jersey-based donors contributed the maximum $4,900. They are:

Ciattarelli had 282 donors from New Jersey who gave $2,000 or more but not the maximum:

And he had 1,328 donors from the state who gave less than $2,000:

Ciattarelli has received 248 donations from residents of states other than New Jersey, or for whom no identifying information was provided, totaling about $569,000. Of that, nearly $116,350 came from 48 donors who live in other states but work for a Jersey-based employer.

The out-of-state donors hail from 24 states, plus Washington, D.C. The single-biggest out-of-state source was not neighboring New York (second, at around $127,200) or Pennsylvania (third, at $118,800) but Florida, where donors gave almost $190,000.

More than half of the Florida money, $96,500, came from retirees, and another $35,100 came from people whose employers are in New Jersey.  

Michael Symons is State House bureau chief for New Jersey 101.5. Contact him at

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