TRENTON – Gov. Phil Murphy has received the maximum $10.5 million in public financing for his re-election bid, part of more than $16 million he has directly raised for his campaign. He has also benefited from more than $9 million in spending by outside Democratic groups.

But where have those direct contributions to Murphy come from?

Through Oct. 19, Murphy had received contributions from nearly 1,900 unique donors itemized in his campaign finance reports. He had more donors than that, as details about donors who write checks for $300 or less don’t have to publicly disclosed.

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Donors gave an average of $2,867. Details about donors of nearly $5.4 million had been disclosed.

The donors include 274 non-individuals – entities such as unions, political action committees, other politicians’ election funds and businesses.

They gave an average of almost $3,100, for a total of $848,400. Most were Jersey-based, accounting for $641,300 in donations, but 58 were from out-of-state and provided $207,100 in funding.

Here are Murphy’s out-of-state, non-individual donors:

And here are Murphy’s in-state, non-individual donors:

Murphy received $4.55 million in donors from individuals, through Oct. 19. More than 61% of that came from just over 1,000 New Jersey residents, while almost 39% of that money from out-of-state.

Three hundred fifty Jersey-based donors contributed the maximum $4,900. They are:

Murphy had 254 donors from New Jersey who gave between $2,000 and $4,800:

And Murphy had 450 itemized donors who gave less than $2,000:

Murphy has 553 donors who live in states other than New Jersey, totaling nearly $1.76 million in contributions. Of that, $183,750 came from donors who live in other states but work for a Jersey-based employer.

The out-of-state donors hail from 28 states, plus Washington, D.C. The single-biggest out-of-state source, unsurprisingly, is neighboring New York at $816,751. Second was California, where donors gave $178,150, followed by Pennsylvania, at $156,050, and Florida, at $152,900.

Michael Symons is State House bureau chief for New Jersey 101.5. Contact him at

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