Perhaps we just really love Christmas. Or perhaps we spend so much time in our cars with one of the longest commute times of all 50 states that we are in our cars more than our living rooms. Whatever the reason, it seems New Jerseyans love adorning their cars with red noses, antlers, wreaths, etc.. It's not only Christmas. I've seen giant menorahs on top of people's cars as well.

So I'm out this weekend when I ended up behind this whimsical driver. Someone put a Santa Claus in their back window. But look closely. Can you notice that the arm of the Santa is actually strapped to the wiper while the face is on the window itself? Yep, whenever that wipe goes on it will look like Santa is waving to you.

Cute. Kids will go nuts for this. But the Scrooge in me also sees the distraction. And I know people who have been fined for an air freshener under obstruction of view laws. How is Santa not getting this car pulled over? Maybe you'd be a really heartless cop to slap Santa with a ticket.

Among all the crazy things New Jersey drivers do to their vehicles, from truck nutz to bullet hole stickers, stick figure families to menorahs to reindeer antlers, this one was a first!

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