The late great comedian Alan King had a lullaby in his act that went, "Rock A Bye Baby, Go to sleep honey, you'll be a doctor and make lots of money." That doesn't seem to be the case anymore, especially in New Jersey where we now have a shortage.

I spoke to a doctor who wants to remain anonymous. "A lot of offspring do not follow in the footsteps of their parents since the demand of work and expense of $400,000 debt for med school are not enticing vs. technology, salaries, and lifestyle."

The work ethic has also changed with some. "We hired a primary care who at the interview stated he didn't want to work like his dad who is a orthopedic surgeon. He wants his weekend off and to spend time with his family, no late nights, and put his kid on the bus."

It seems like medicine and millennials don't mix. "This is the new mentality of all millennials and medicine has no days off, holiday hours do not exist, and on call is 24/7."

Believe it or not, the money isn't what you'd think it would be either. "Patients see huge  medical bills and believe doctors are making millions, not realizing the average salary is $160,000. It seems the only Jersey doctors who have hit it big are the ones on television, like Alan Alda's Dr. Hawkeye Pierce on 'MASH' and Zack Braff's Dr.Je John Dorian on 'Scrubs.'"

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