New Jersey's lovely in the fall, isn't it? But it's tough to get around this state without a car.

If you're in need — we happen to be working with DCN Hyundai to give away a 3-year lease on an Elantra. Hit any of the social activities at the bottom of this post to enter for free.

We got to wondering: Just how much of New Jersey could you enjoy before refilling the 14-gallon tank in that Elantra? We took the liberty of planning out a little day trip (trouble seeing the map above on a mobile device? Hit this link).

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, various versions of the 2017 Elantra rate between 25 and 35 miles per gallon, combined city and highway travel. Let's call that 30 mpg for a rough estimate. We're talking, then, about 420 miles of New Jersey road ahead of you.

Jockey Hollow (Louis C. Hochman,
Jockey Hollow (Louis C. Hochman,

Fosterfield's Living Historic Farm: If we're starting at DCN Hyundai, on Route 1 in Monmouth Junction, it's about 38 (most of it on Route 287) to Fosterfield's in Morris Township, a working farm using turn-of-the-century tools and techniques. They've got plenty of fall activities planned, like Monday night's Full Moon Hike.

(Nearby is Jockey Hollow at Morristown National Historic Park, a 1779-80 winter encampment site of the Continental Army, with replicas of huts used by American soldiers during the Revolutionary War.)

Montclair Art Museum (Louis C. Hochman,
Montclair Art Museum (Louis C. Hochman,

Montclair Art Museum: Next up, let's head another 21 miles or so to the Montclair Art Museum in Essex County. It's currently hosting the traveling conceptual "Do It" exhibit -- with instructions from renowned artists for local groups to implement. There's also "Undaunted Spirit: Native American Art", the final phase in MAM’s major reinstallation of the Rand Gallery of Native American Art, among other displays.

Mountain Creek: Let's go northwest! It's another 37 miles to Mountain Creek in Vernon — they've got skiing in the winter, the reopened Action Park (which has moved well beyond its "Traction Park" days), a bike park and ziplining. There's plenty of lodging if you'd like to stick around (this list is pretty ambitious for a single-day trip!)

Skyland Association: The New Jersey Botanical Garden at Skylands is quite a sight in the fall. When it gets too cold (and even when it's not), indoor tours at gorgeous Skylands Manor. The site includes 96 acres of specialty gardens surrounded by 1,000 acres of woodlands. There are activities like wreath-making and family woodworking lined up for this month too. That's another 24 miles on your trip.

Jenkinson's: We're heading back down south, to the Shore! Jenkinson's Boardwalk in Point Pleasant still offers plenty to do during the winter, with the upcoming Sea of Lights in December, and its arcades, sweets shop and aquarium open year-round. There's no wrong time for the Shore. You're putting on another *9 miles for this leg of the trip though, so you might need to hit one of those Parkway rest stops along the way.

Cape May: We weren't going to forget real South Jersey. And Exit 0 on the Parkway is about as south as it gets in the Garden State. It's another 103 miles down this way (Jersey really does go on for a while), but it's worth it. Fall and winter activities in this serene Jersey Shore community include this weekend's Cape May Film Festival and Dec. 3's Christmas Parade. Cape May is also hope to the Willow Creek Winery, the Cape May Lighthouse and plenty of bed-and-breakfast inns.

Flying Fish Brewery Company: You have had a long day. You deserve a drink (but you've got a little driving still ahead, so maybe take a few bottles to go and drink them when you wrap up). It's 85 miles up to the Flying Fish Brewery Company, the only place we know to make a pork roll porter (how Jersey is that?). They've got tours all year, and a full schedule of special events.

Back home: Well, we don't know where you live, but if you're in the neighborhood of DCN, it's about another 50 miles back home. Way to take in the sights! Now, what are you going to do tomorrow?

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