The amusement park notorious for injuries in decades past is going to have trouble shaking that reputation. reports Cannonball Falls at Action Park was shut down last month after a spike in injuries — six people reported being hurt, five of them with shoulder injuries.

The report also said the water slide, with its 10-foot-drop into a pool, was the site of more injuries than any other ride in the state, according to the Department of Community Affairs. In all, 27 injuries were reported at Action Park last season, but no other rides were shut down.

The water park reopened under the name "Action Park" last year after abandoning the same name 20 years earlier. The park is a fraction of the size it was in the 1980s and 1990s, and the water park portion that remains had been operating as Mountain Creek Waterpark for the last few decades.

Owners said last year they were looking to revisit the nostalgia the name "Action Park" evoked — and acknowledged its reputation as a wild west of amusement was part of the cache.

According to, six people died at Action Park in decades past: three drownings in the Wave Pool, an employee's death on the park's Alpine Slide, an electrocution on the Kayak Experience and a heart attack in the pool beneath the Tarzan Swing.

The "Cannonball Falls" name evokes memories of the Cannonball Loop, a waterslide with a 360-degree lop at the end that was only ever open briefly. WeirdNJ writes:  "It supposedly dismembered test dummies and maybe even a few park employees in trial runs."

DailyMotion, in a documentary seen above, called it the "Most Insane Amusement Park Ever."

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