On May 28, 1978, one of New Jersey’s (if not the country’s) most notorious amusement parks opened: Action Park in Vernon.

It was notorious because of the number of injuries and fatalities that occurred there.

It was nicknamed “Traction Park,” “Accident Park”, and “Class Action Park.”

There were rides like a complete loop where people bloodied their noses, a wheeled ride (with no brakes) that shot down a concrete and fiberglass track (you had to take a ski lift to get to the start of the ride), and a wave pool that had to rescue a reported two dozen swimmers a day.

There were at least 26 head injuries and 14 fractures attributed to the Alpine Slide alone. Doctors who treated park patrons reportedly commented on how many of the injured were intoxicated, regardless of age. By 1996, under a mountain of lawsuits, the park closed.

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