Robert Leibowitz, a single NJ father of 5, did not think his life was about to change when he took his family to Disney World last summer.

According to Inside Edition, Leibowitz had been in need of a new kidney for over three years. Desperate to find a matching donor, he wore a shirt around the theme park stating his case, as well as his blood type and a contact number.

A passing stranger snapped a photo of Robert's shirt and posted it to Facebook. Once uploaded, the photo spread like wildfire. Check it out below.

Thanks to the Facebook post, an Indiana man by the name of Richie Sully saw it and immediately wanted to help. According to the Inside Edition report, Sully contacted Leibowitz simply saying, “My name is Richie. I am O positive. I have an extra kidney [and] you are welcome to it.”

The surgery was scheduled for January 18th. According to CBS News, who did a follow up on this story, both are resting comfortably at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital and both will stay in the city for the next few weeks as doctors monitor their progress.

— Joe Votruba

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