MONTAGUE — A standoff with the renter of a condo at the High Point Country Club ended with his surrender 24 hours after it began.

The standoff began Sunday night at 9 after a dispute between a landlord and a condo tenant, according to State Police Sgt. Philip Curry.

Country club president Zhanna Kelley told New Jersey 101.5 that when another tenant reported a leak coming from Anthony Fedd's unit above him, Fedd refused to allow her ex-husband to come inside to make the repair.

Fedd instead called the police, according to Kelley. Upon the arrival of police, Fedd said he had a gun and threatened to shoot the responding officers.

Members of a SWAT team at a standoff in Montague 5/2/22
Members of a SWAT team at a standoff in Montague 5/2/22 (Listener submitted)

Massive police response

Over a hundred members of law enforcement from State Police, ATF, the FBI and a SWAT team were called to the condo. As the standoff continued throughout the day, police used smoke bombs on the unit, blew out the windows and cut the power in an effort to get Fedd to leave.

A neighbor said that State Police used a machine that raised officers to the second level.

According to a Facebook post that has been deleted, the co-owner of the condo said Fedd was wearing a bulletproof vest "with a handgun on his person and a sawed off shotgun."

Curry said Fedd quietly surrendered and was charged with unlawful possession of a weapon, unlawful use of a weapon, and terroristic threats. He is being held at the Morris County Jail.

Police response to a standoff in Montague
Police response to a standoff in Montague (Listener submitted)

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