Corrections Officer and Wood-Ridge Volunteer firefighter Daniel O’Beirne is today’s #BlueFriday honoree.

We saw this story reported in the Daily Voice and had to share it with you. O’Beirne was driving on the New Jersey Turnpike when he saw a truck in front of him crash into a sign and burst into flames. Acting immediately, the trained and disciplined corrections officer pulled over and rushed to the drivers aid. As he approached the truck cab, the driver was on the running boards on fire. O’Beirne took off his shirt to pat down the flames. He then took off his pants and used them to help extinguish the fire.

This is the kind of story that shows once again, law enforcement officers represent the very best in our society. Think about what goes through a person’s mind seeing a man engulfed in flames and then acting quickly to save his life. So many people today go to the phone first, either to video an accident scene or call police. In this case, as is the case with so many of our heroes in law enforcement, a man’s life hung in the balance and it was all on Corrections Officer Daniel O’Beirne to step up and make something happen. He did.

Thank you, officer.

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