This month New Jersey's newest pointless, stupid, feel good law goes into effect, banning smoking on all beaches and boardwalks in the state. We are the first state in the country to ban all smoking and vaping from all county and state parks and beaches.

The main push was initially for second-hand smoke, but since that's clearly nonsense and wouldn't even matter in a closed room, the focus has switched to litter. The beaches are cleaned daily and you could easily enforce fines for littering, but now the claim is that cigarette butts pose a choking hazard to marine life. No, most marine life is smarter than the idiots in Trenton and the people that are pleased by such laws, and have the sense to avoid such hazards. But as long as we continue to be impressed by slick, lying politicians, virtue signaling organizations and citizens, this crap will continue to escalate.

The ruling class and the morons who support them in this state will continue to support such pointless nonsense, until it might impact them. By then, it's too late. The status quo is set. If it bothers some people and it's unpopular, ban it! The people of this state continue to elect politicians who want to take every dollar and every liberty they can. Smoking isn't healthy or pleasant, but so are many other things people legally chose to do. You want to make New Jersey's beaches more pleasant and enjoyable? Incarcerate people who feed seagulls and stop charging people to be on a public beach, kind of like EVERY OTHER PLACE IN THE WORLD!

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