You gotta be tough to be a Jersey girl. Nicole Folmer is toughing this one out.

She was set to get married on July 20. Her wedding dress was inside BJ's Dry Cleaner at Ocean National Plaza in Toms River, not because of dry cleaning but due to having alterations done. Nicole is blessed to be having a baby in four months and needed some final alterations on her gown.

Then it happened. A fire. The blaze broke out Monday morning and impacted not only the dry cleaning business but several others at the shopping plaza. The dress was destroyed. She says she now has to postpone her wedding while she looks for a new dress and has the tailoring done. In true Jersey girl fashion, she's being tough and realistic.

"I'm very upset, but what can you do? I'm OK. I'm just trying to hold it back."

It seems to me any bridal shop in New Jersey who hears of this story should be contacting Nicole Folmer immediately to save the day. If someone would donate a wedding dress to Nicole and speed through the necessary alterations in time to save the day, image the great publicity that shop would get? I know I'd certainly write about it. So come on bridal stores, anyone up for helping out this Jersey girl?

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