I remember when my daughter was about 14 and she was on Myspace. She would complain that the kids were acting like idiots and being mean.

I told her, "honey it's like going into a bad neighborhood. You know there's gonna be trouble there but you keep going into that neighborhood. Stay out of that neighborhood!"  Of course she didn't listen, but she was a child and I was her dad. So you know how that works.

Well, last week the mayor of Cinnaminson, Anthony Minniti, and his running mate lost in a primary to a couple of rivals in town. They then put up a meme of "Crying Jordan" on some local town Facebook page. The mayor was outraged and reportedly blamed a teacher who works in the Beverly school district for the offending post. Her superiors are now looking into disciplinary action over the matter. By the way, they're all of the same political party. So this isn't partisan, it's personal.

I cringe at the thought of adults acting like this. I feel for their kids and I fear for all kids of this generation who have very few examples of adults acting like adults. I wonder how many "likes" I'll get if the station puts this on our Facebook page? Oh, I just can't wait to find out!

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