Is it just me or did summer truly come in extra hot this year? I can barely walk an inch outside without craving an iced cold beverage, and during the summer I love a good fresh squeezed juice.

Fresh squeezed juice shouldn’t be bought just anywhere, however, so if you’re too lazy to do it at home here are some reliable juice bars worth checking out.

With the advent of summer comes the swimsuits, too. And everyone always worries about how they will look in them. It would be great if everyone ate healthfully just for their bodies sake, but let’s face it, people wanna look great in their summer wardrobes, too. So whether it’s the heat or your look, or whatever motivates you to get juicing this summer, these are the places in New Jersey you absolutely need to check out.

  • Simply Juiced in Hoboken

    Simply Juiced has one of the most creative juice menus I have ever seen. Not only is their juice house made, but so is their almond milk, a popular ingredient in smoothies. If you are into unique flavors, try the Bubble Gum, which consists of Young Thai coconut water, strawberries, pineapple, goji berries, raw Acai berry, pomegranate powder and raw honey. Feeling basic? They have plenty of normal juices to choose from as well.

  • Squeeze’D in Bayonne

    Squeeze’D is one of the cutest juice bars out there, as their packaging is homemade and reminiscent of childhood. They have a number of raw juices which are freshly made and delicious. They also offer Detox boxes if you are interested in buying the juice in bulk or want to go on a cleanse.

  • Arlee’s Raw Blends, locations in Princeton and Trenton

    If you find yourself in Princeton or Trenton this summer, you’ll want to stop by Arlee's. All of their juices are made from local produce, and they are extremely environmentally friendly. All bottles are glass, which means they can be recycled or repurposed after drinking. Some of Arlee’s top juices are the kale and pineapple blends, which come in several variations and sizes.

  • Ocean Organics in Toms River

    Since 2013, Ocean Organics has been recognized as one of the best mom and pop juice shops in New Jersey. In addition to their 100% cold pressed juices, they have quite a hefty tea menu, half of which I cannot pronounce. If you want to support a small, plant based business definitely check out Ocean Organics.

  • Ohana Juice Bar in Hammonton

    Bring your family to Ohana Juice Bar and enjoy a refreshing juice or smoothie accompanied by a nutritious meal. Ohana is all about bringing happiness to their customers and by the looks of their menu they are doing a pretty good job. They are best known for their green and lean juice, which consists of kale, spinach, apple, pineapple, cucumber, and lemon.

  • The Juice Theory in Long Branch

    The Juice Theory likes to say that our bodies are a direct reflection of what we put into them. And it’s the truth. I’m partial to Juice Theory because it’s just around the corner, but I’ve taken non-vegans there and they have simply freaked over their creative take on vegan food. But their juices and drinks are something else. My favorite is their classic Sweet Green juice packed with fiber and nutrients; it’s Cucumbers, celery, spinach, apple, lemon and parsley and it’s amazing. Don’t forget their matcha drinks and smoothies. They’re to die for.

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