If you were going to trick or treat as someone from New Jersey, who would you go as?That's the question I posed and these are the answers I got...

  • Len Moore - Silent Bob
  • Scott Helmus - Chris Christie, of course.
  • John Riebel - Little Steven.
  • Eddie Testa - As YOU! (No, I would go as you!)
  • Ben Nagy - Steve Trevelise 20 years ago. (no change)
  • Hershel Horn - I like fluffy. I would wear a dog outfit. (Just don't pick the games)
  • Angel Donato - Whitney Houston!
  • Rich Gunning - Lucy the Elephant
  • Kathleen Cahill Tintle - The Jersey Devil!
  • Marty Lou Pina - A jersey girl? Kinda like my daughters lol.
  • Eric Scott - A festering pile of vomit. Aka: Bruce Springsteen. (I'm guessing He's not a fan)
  • Chuck Homler - Jack Nicholson
  • Susan Rochester Zucconi - Joe pesci or Tillie
  • Paul Ladd - Woodrow Wilson. He was kinda scary looking.
  • Debbie Doff-Horn - Jon Bonjovi's wife. (That's cause she's got a crush on the big guy)
  • Kate McIlwain - Teresa Guidice!
  • Rhonda Dobin - Silver Snooky

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