Chrissy Hofbeck, of Hunterdon County, should be a million dollars richer today; she should have won the most recent season of “Survivor”, CBS’s long-toothed reality show.

If you’re familiar with the show, you know that making winning the final immunity challenge puts you in the driver’s seat for the final vote. Well, Chrissy won the final immunity challenge (one of four she won, tying a record), but this season was given an “advantage” that wasn’t an advantage at all.

Instead of being able to engineer who got to stay like would have happened in previous seasons, her “advantage” was she got to pick one person to advance with her, but the other two would have to battle in a fire making contest to determine the third finalist. Ben was the odd man out if it had been done traditionally, but he won the fire making challenge and got to advance.

He was the consensus pick to be eliminated, but the producers changed the rules so he could win. He was a sympathetic figure, a Marine veteran who had PTSD, but he was also a jerk who should have gone home. The jury decided he was the most worthy of the $1 million, even though he never won an individual immunity (remember, Chrissy won 4!).

Ben won, but only because the producers wanted him too. I think Chrissy got robbed.

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