We don't need to tell you – New Jersey wastes a lot of money.

But Jim Gearhart — in his latest podcast — reflects on what he says may have been the biggest waste in the state's history. In 2005, the director of the New Jersey Schools Construction Corporation admitted "money was wasted" under his watch, in a short statement announcing he was stepping down.

Money was wasted. You think so?

"What? Four billion dollars disappeared into thin air. ... And I guess the ruling was, well, that's normal for New Jersey," Jim says in the ppodacast, available every Thursday on iTunes, Google Play and the New Jersey 101.5 app.

It's a sordid story. The $8 billion dollar agency — meant to build schools throughout the state and help provide opportunities for low-income students — was instead a home for "cost overruns, excessive bonuses and widespread mismanagement," the New York Times reported an inspector general found at the time.

And the chairman of its board had been a lobbyist with deep conflicts.

"You put the fox not only in charge of the henhouse, but Frank Purdue's chicken factory as well," Jim says.

But New Jersey's got another big construction project coming up — a controversial, $300 million StateHouse renovation.

"I wonder if the same people are going to end up renovating the statehouse, or it'll be done in the same style," Jim says.

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