Add Assemblyman John Wisniewski to the list of courageous legislators who are fighting back against this $300 million statehouse renovation project.

It amazes me that this project keeps pushing forward with windows being boarded up and officials being displaced from their offices, while so many legislators like John Wisniewski, Senate Majority Leader Loretta Weinberg and Senator Ray Lesniak are all attempting to put a stop to it.

Assemblyman Wisniewski noted that the Statehouse Management Commission should be the group putting a stop to this and asking the tough questions, like how the project has gone from $38 million, to $300 million, to even possibly $500 million or much more by the time the taxes are paid on it.

I asked the assemblyman if the project keeps going ahead, will there be a lawsuit and Wisniewski replied "Yes, I will go to court."

We're fortunate to have some of our political leaders that will step up and do that right thing and not let Gov. Christie and the Statehouse Commission just have their way!

You can listen to the full conversation between myself and Assemblyman Wisniewski in the YouTube clip above.

Below is my video about why the statehouse renovation project is bad for NJ residents.

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