The brown trucks of UPS will be more common on New Jersey roads, as the company announced it will be adding Saturday delivery and pickup service for the first time.

The company said the move will help create more than 6,000 jobs nationwide by the time the program is fully implemented in 2018. According to UPS, the rollout will start with 15 "major metro areas" this month, and eventually include 4,700 cities and towns by the time the holidays roll around. The whole expansion will eventually include more than 5,800 cities and towns across the country.

"The addition of another ground operations day more efficiently utilizes our existing delivery network and offers customers an even faster ground delivery solution," chief marketing officer Teresa Finley said.

List of major metropolitan areas includes northern New Jersey (grouped with New York and Long Island) and the New York-New Jersey-Pennsylvania region. Philadelphia was part of the original test market grouping. Other areas to be added in the next group of cities include St. Louis, Seattle, Pittsburgh, and Chicago.

Another advantage to the Saturday shipping, according to UPS, is that online retailers will see fewer lost sales, and fewer items out of stock as they are able to both receive items on the weekend and send them out to customers.

Calling it one of the largest improvements in the company's 109 year history, UPS said customers will now have more choices for delivery from more than 8000 access points. The company also said the expansion will be done without needing to invest in new buildings or vehicles.

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