🔶 NJ man admits harassing, using racial slurs in angry outbursts

🔶 Pattern of abuse against neighbors involved threatening note

🔶 Abusive neighbor now faces prison time

A 47-year-old Mount Laurel man accused of harassing neighbors and hurling racial slurs at them has pleaded guilty to four counts of fourth-degree bias intimidation.

Edward C. Mathews was charged with mistreating five former neighbors, leading to a criminal investigation in the summer of 2021.

(Edward C. Mathews with a neighbor, via 6ABC Philadelphia) Mount Laurel racial slurs video viral
(Edward C. Mathews with a neighbor, via 6ABC Philadelphia)

Mathews also pleaded guilty to second-degree possession of a controlled dangerous substance with intent to distribute after a search of his home turned up psilocybin mushrooms.

Under a plea deal, Mathews would receive an eight-year prison term when sentenced in Burlington County Superior Court on Dec. 8.

Crowd outside Edward Cagney Matthews' Mount Laurel home
Crowd outside Edward Cagney Matthews' Mount Laurel home (@jimwalsh_cp via Twitter)

Viral video of racist slurs prompted local protest

Mathews, who is white, was captured on video in July 2021 yelling racist slurs at his Black neighbors in Mount Laurel.

The footage was shared on social media, sparking a rowdy protest outside his home.

Mathews was then later arrested on harassment and more than a dozen other charges.

Investigators found evidence that he had fired ball bearings at two vehicles belonging to female neighbors, causing $2,350 in damage, prosecutors previously said.

6ABC Philadelphia was only able to use short clips in a previous report, as seen below.

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