We've hit a wall in this country and it's not the one that's being fought over. This wall was hit in 2016 when Donald Trump became president and those who either oppose him, or lost out to him now refuse to work with him. This is not the Mexican wall. It's the wall that's between republicans and democrats, fathers and sons, friends, relatives and countrymen all throughout New Jersey and our nation.

Throw in gang members, sex traffic, and drug smugglers and we've got quite the parade coming into this country on a daily basis. While the President is cracking down on those coming into this country illegally, our governor want to get them lawyers to help fight deportation.

Can't there be a compromise in there somewhere? Of course not because that would mean working with the other side, especially if that other side has Donald Trump on it. This is no longer about what's right or wrong, it's about who's is bigger in this ego driven war between both sides.

Did you have any doubt that Chuck Shumer and Namcy Pelosi were going to rip into the President no matter what he said, even though at one time both believed in border security. BTW, did Chuck and Nancy not remind you of the American Gothic painting when you looked at them on TV, or was that just me?

Until we knock down the wall that exists between these two sides, we're never going to get anywhere. It's time to put the 2016 election behind us and get on with running the country. Before we can agree in building a wall, we must first tear down the one that's been up for the past 2 years.

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