Imagine jumping a shark without a swimsuit. That will be the Miss America Pageant, which begins tonight in Atlantic City. By eliminating the swim suit competition, emphasis will be placed on those great interviews. I bet the television audience can't wait for that! I'm sorry, what television audience?

Not for nothing, but I think a woman's beauty is something that should be celebrated and not held against her. It would be too easy to put in the joke about hold it against me but I digress. Didn't this start off as a "beauty pageant?" Exactly when did beauty become a bad thing?  Now we're being told that Miss America is no longer a pageant but a "competition" and there are rules.

I think beauty should be celebrated and used as a tool for your success if you can pull it off. Beauty takes hard work. There's dieting and exercise, which takes a lot of discipline. It shouldn't be the total package but at least part of it. That would be the part that people would tune in to see, and they need people to see it, especially now since "Mary the Great White" is circling the waters.

Now that Atlantic City has sports betting, I would put the over/under on the Miss America "competition" at 2 years before "Here She Comes" is replaced by the "Theme from Jaws."

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