A new study in the UK shows that Millennials younger than 35 don't like the idea of handling raw meat while cooking. A stunning 37% of those surveyed had an aversion to the raw stuff. Of course, fear can breed opportunity as shown by a British company changing their meat packaging to accommodate the young chefs. Of course nothing in these days of social media dominance is without controversy. The company has added additional plastic packaging allowing meat to be taken out of the main package and then handled in a plastic holder and placed on the cooking surface. No touching necessary! Great idea. Some of the more...lets call them wacky environmentalists...hate the idea.

Although I am a bit concerned about a third of a generation wanting to cook, but afraid to touch raw meat, I do love the idea of the plastic workaround and not just because I'm a huge proponent of plastic AND landfills. Seriously, I really am. Read my last article. I like the idea mainly because I'm a bit OCD in the kitchen going through utensils and plates so ingredients aren't sharing the same space. Enter raw met and I'm washing counter tops and hands throughout the food prep process. So as much as I want to knock the Millennial generation for being squeamish and disconnected from reality when it comes to food...I kinda like this idea and look forward to trying it out on my next trip to visit my daughter across the pond.

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