A Middlesex County man is accused of luring prostitutes from out of state and then raping them.

Jose Torres, 42, was arrested on Friday, Feb. 14, in Boston, where he was slated to appear Wednesday in federal court.

Torres is a North Brunswick resident, the FBI confirmed to New Jersey 101.5.

He is charged with two counts of coercion and enticement, U.S. Attorney for New Jersey Craig Carpenito said.

For over a four-year span, from 2015 until this past fall, Carpenito said Torres persuaded and enticed commercial sex workers with promises of large payments to travel from various locations, including Canada and New York, in order to engage in prostitution in Middlesex County.

When the women asked for payment, Torres became aggressive, often assaulting and raping them, according to court documents filed in the case.

In one instance in May 2015, the criminal complaint said, Torres contacted a woman who had advertised prostitution services online and arranged for her to take a taxi from New York City to New Jersey, where he met her and drove to a house in Middlesex County.

According to the complaint, Torres pretended to carry out a money transfer on his computer when asked for payment and proceeded to stop the woman from leaving, forcing her to perform sex acts.

In October, in another incident, the criminal complaint said Torres contacted a woman through a different escort ad online and arranged for her to fly from Canada to Newark Liberty International Airport, with a promise of paying $20,000 to $30,000 for a month if she acted as his private escort.

Torres met that woman at the airport and drove her to a hotel in East Brunswick, where he became aggressive when she asked for payment, according to the criminal complaint.

The same documents said Torres then lied about being a police officer and then proceeded to rape the woman while slapping her in the face, choking her and calling her derogatory names.

If convicted, the coercion and enticement charges each carry a maximum term of 20 years in prison and a potential $250,000 fine.

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