Most of us already know that Newark is the Garden State’s largest municipality, but do you know what is the smallest? Well, according to the US Census via Wikipedia it is the bustling town of Tavistock Borough in Camden County. The population of Tavistock is: 5.

According to, Tavistock was formed when some golfers from Haddonfield purchased land so they could evade their town’s blue laws which included no golfing on Sundays (although some believe they did it to avoid the prohibition of drinking as well). Tavistock has a grand total of four houses and occupies .257 square miles.

According to the Census, the population dropped from 35 in the 1990 census to 24 in the 2000 census to 5 in the 2010 census; the New Jersey Turnpike runs through a very small part of Tavistock but there is no local exit.

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