I had a great conversation with 23 year old Notre Dame grad Jesse Bongiovi. He and his dad, Jon Bon Jovi, collaborated on a top 100 Rosé wine called Hampton Water.

What struck me about the conversation, and my interview with him on Chasing News a few weeks ago, is how strong the family connection and specifically the relationship with his dad.

It has to be difficult growing up the son of an internationally famous music icon. The pressure, burden and the travel alone could make someone bitter and disconnected. Seems the Bongiovi family has done something very right.

Beyond that, Jesse's dad Jon is a stand up guy. Sure he's a lifelong Democrat who has raised money for Hillary, but he also had no issue with former Governor Chris Christie using his music at rallies when he was running for President.

With so many famous people getting involved in politics and with the conversations becoming increasingly nasty, Jon Bon Jovi is a breath of fresh air. And of course I asked Jesse, which of his dad's songs is the favorite...

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