It took an unnecessarily long amount of time to induct Bon Jovi into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Each year that they were not nominated or nominated and not inducted, I shook my head and said what does a band have to do to prove their impact on rock and roll? Bon Jovi was the epitome of rock and roll and frankly belonged in the Hall long before or instead of others that came before them.

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Bon Jovi has consistently continued to provide music for five decades. Their songs have frequently been in the top 20 and they have continued to perform to sold-out audiences throughout the world.

Looking at the written criteria that it takes to be inducted into the hallowed Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Bon Jovi met it years before they were inducted. Well finally the nominating committee made right with the cherished group from Jersey and inducted Bon Jovi in 2018.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nominating committee that year including Jon Landeau who was Chairperson and is head of Springsteen’s management team, Meg Griffith, a New York legendary DJ, Paul Shafer from Dave Letterman’s Show, and Stevie Van Zandt from the E-Street Band. Finally, the inclusion and understanding of those that could grasp the historic rise of Bon Jovi.

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This week was a big week for Bon Jovi who had the release of their new album Forever. They played in Nashville at Jon Bon Jovi’s new club then headed to Cleveland to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame where they performed to an enthusiastic crowd and then the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame unveiled an exhibit called Bon Jovi Forever with amazing memorabilia from the band’s storied history.

Jon Bon Jovi was taken aback by the exhibition, according to saying:

“It was beautiful, incredible. I didn’t know they had so much of our stuff. Now I know where it all is,” Bon Jovi said. “... the original lyrics of so many hits and some of the clothes that we had that I’m embarrassed by. They really outdid themselves.”

This is a special year for Bon Jovi as they celebrate their 40th year since the release of their first album. The celebration continues and the exhibit at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is a great tribute.

Photo by DJ Johnson on Unspash
Photo by DJ Johnson on Unspash

It is good to see that Bon Jovi has received the respect it deserves.

I have been to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame a few times, if you are a music fan it is worth the trip. There are great exhibits, including one featuring Bon Jovi.

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