No, this wasn't a Mary Lee sighting or anything like that. This shark is far less dangerous. Dare I say this shark is actually cute! The incident took place near the Beach Haven section on Long Beach Island.

I love this video because it's such a Jersey-style rescue mission. According to WPDH, lifeguards started blowing their whistles and telling swimmers to get to shore once they noticed the sand shark heading closer to shore. Lifeguards attempted to catch it but failed.

Leave it to a Jersey beachgoer in an Ed Hardy bathing suit to take matters into his own hands by grabbing this thing with his bare hands and taking it out to sea.

Seriously, bravo to this Ed Hardy bathing suit wearing man. I wish I knew his name, but for now we will go with that. Although I feel like his name is Tony. He went above and beyond to make sure the shark was okay, while also helping keep the beach safe.

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