People often make "light" of heavy snowfall, even calling heavy wet snow "heart-attack snow". But it isn't a joke when someone actually has a heart attack clearing snow.

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It happened to a man in Mahwah on February 13. Eight inches of heavy, wet snow fell across northern Bergen County that day. Mike and his wife Agnes went out to clear the driveway and steps.

After successfully cleaning the front, Agness called her husband to move to the back when she found him down on the ground. She called 9-1-1 and attempted CPR without any results.

Thankfully five Mahwah police officers got the call and rushed to the home.

Detective Tim Letavish, Officer Brian Doolittle, Lt. Keith Lorio, Officer Robert Birney and Sgt. Chris Monico arrived to try to save Mike's life.

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Mahwah Police Facebook page
Mahwah Police Facebook page

The team cleared the snow to make way for paramedics, got Mike on a defibrillator, and got his heart started again. Lt. Orio told Fox News when they arrived; Mike was dead.

These hero LEOs brought Mike back to life.

Two takeaways here. First, take it slow if you're clearing snow, or better yet, leave it to the pros who do this for a living.

And thank a cop when you see one today. The men and women in Blue are here for you, no matter the circumstances and weather conditions.

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