Officer Kevin Grady and Officer Sean Casey from Paramus PD responded to a theft call after three people fled from the Nordstrom Rack in Paramus. The thieves separated and ran hard in different directions.

Officer Grady, acting swiftly, was able to catch up and grab one of the men. The perp was cuffed and stuffed into the patrol car and the officers made their way back to the Police Headquarters.

On the trip to the station, they spotted the other man. Officer Grady quickly got out of the car and was able to grab him as well. Unfortunately, the woman got away.

Paramus Police car (Paramus Police Department Facebook Page)
Paramus Police car (Paramus Police Department Facebook Page)

Thanks to the quick thinking and action on the part of Officers Casey and Grady, two out of three are in custody to face justice for their actions.

It's another reminder of the chaotic job our police officers sometimes face on any given day.

It's great to see that New Jersey is not following the lead of California, letting shoplifters and thieves get away with taking what is not theirs.

Thank you to all the police officers in the Paramus PD and all of you who will put on the uniform this weekend while most of New Jersey relaxes, shops, eats, and enjoys friends and families. We can rest easy knowing that there's a well-trained officer on patrol to protect and serve.

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